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For data to be valuable to policymakers, government, civil society and other stakeholders, it must be accurate. Rather than focusing on collecting more data, we collect reliable and accurate data. We begin at the basic level by building capacity with data champions, training more data scientists on how to collect,to analyse and to disseminate data.


Accountability and monitoring frameworks are paramount to measuring progress in the achievement of the SDGs. Data can serve as a “currency” for accountability among and within governments, citizens and civil society at large, and be used to keep institutions accountable.



Accessing Data in Africa can be challenging when you rely on governments agencies alone. Often, you are given poor data quality, fragmented or not at all.  The entire African continent needs a Data Revolution!
Accur8Africa aims to work with government agencies, business and civil society organizations to bring practical approaches and tools in order to improve accuracy and accessibility of data for the sustainable development goals, “SDGs”.
Open data for citizens